Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Pansies, Geraniums, and Ishi... It is almost Spring

Good morning. Tina here. 

I spent a lot of the afternoon on Monday planting pansies in my planters on the front porch, and moving my geraniums which overwintered on the deck (it was a very mild winter) and were now ready to get some sun.

Yesterday was a bit cooler, with some overcast, and Ishi was lounging on the steps soaking in the sun. I watched him through the screen door and took his picture.

He seemed to say, come on out, forget about me and come and see how pretty the porch looks now.

I said, forget about me, take some photos of something else!

The pansies in my newest pots, half price at Rite Aid.

I know pansies have faces, does that mean they can see and enjoy the river view?

These are ivy geraniums, last year they were on the south side of the deck, I am trying them out on the porch this year. Since it was such a warm winter, they did not die back very much. I can't decide if I want to pinch them back or not, it seems a shame when they managed to keep their leaves so well.

Here on the south side of the porch I have mostly the zonal geraniums. The red leaves are leftovers from last fall's leaves. I probably should pinch them back too, but I am such a softy this year.

I just love the looks of the zonal geranium above.

The pansies in the hanging pots just barely show over the top of the pots now, so I am glad I bought the green pots sitting on the railing.

Hopefully when the ivy geraniums bloom they will add to the rainbow colors of the pots and put on a pretty show.

Out of eleven four-packs of pansies, only a few flowers have faces, but they are a very lovely surprise.

It isn't yet spring, but the lavender is in full bloom, and the poppies on the hillside above the river are starting to pop out.

Hubby moved one of our benches down to a semi-flat spot to look south to the river.

I love my porch, and the beautiful weather was a beacon drawing us outside. Today there is rain, so I am glad I got these shots in.

The plan is to have the pansies spill over the tops of the hanging pots and the geraniums burst out into bloom. I am glad I will have these pictures to refer to and see the changes.

Ishi says, see, aren't you glad you didn't just concentrate on me?


Sew Inspired said...

Very nice. Love the view of the river. We are starting to warm up here in the northeast if you can call 40 degrees warm. It will be quite a while yet before we can actually put plants out in pots. Until then thanks for posting your beautiful flowers. It's sending Spring to us who really need it.

Heidi Ann said...

Tina, it all looks so fabulous!
I believe the pansies are, indeed, enjoying the view!
How could they not?
I love all of your pots, too.
And Ishi is so cute.
Your photos are great, and this is a delightful post.

Candice said...

Tina, your view is fabulous and I am so jealous. I have some pots the same colors as your blue, reddish and green only mine are smaller. I bought them at Target!

EM said...

That Ishi fellow is too handsome to be so camera shy. Loves the pics and the view. It sounds like it's going to be gorgeous when everything blooms and grows out. I haven't out out flowers for several years. I am wondering if it's time to do it again. I love both pansies and geraniums!

Anusha Wickramasinghe Wijetunga said...

THAT viiiieeeewwww!! Sigh.

This is why Spring is my favorite season!