Monday, March 16, 2015

Found: Vintage Sheet Music

It's pretty unusual, in my experience, to find good vintage and antique sheet music in thrift stores.
 I'm always surprised when I find nice ones, and pleasantly so when they are priced at ten cents apiece.
I've been collecting music for many years, and I have certainly paid much more than that at antique shops and antique fairs!
I found a number of them recently, and was happy to add them to my collection.
The Wedding Of The Sunshine And The Rose:
La Brasiliana Tango:
A Star Fell Out Of Heaven:
Suppose The Rose Were You:
The Song Of A Mother's Heart:
Just A Baby's Prayer At Twilight (For Her Daddy Over There):
 I first heard the song above on Michael Feinstein's album "Over There".
It is a beautiful composition about a little girl praying for her Daddy, who is away helping to fight the war. I honestly got goose bumps just now writing this, as I heard the song and the lyrics in my head. I think I looked for it on iTunes a short while ago, and it wasn't available, unfortunately. I wish you could hear it.......
 Just a couple more pieces of music to share.....
After  The War Is Over:
The Rose Of No Man's Land:
Some of these pieces are nearly one hundred years old, and I'm awfully glad they survived, so that I could find them.


Tina Dawn said...

Great finds! Love T

EM said...

Wonderful graphics on those! What great finds. A quick You Tube search turns up a lot of versions of the Baby's Prayer.