Friday, March 13, 2015

The Psychedelic Artichoke

I always check the scarves at thrift shops - you know I have to see if I can pick out any Vera Neumann ones!
But I often find others that are pretty special, as well.
This one had some stains on it, and you know how that goes, right?
You can never be sure whether you will be able to get them out or not.
I had pretty good luck with this colorful example:
I'm calling it The Psychedelic Artichoke:
Oh, what a beauty it is!
Nearly all of the spots came out.
 The ones that didn't are barely noticeable.
 This would look so pretty framed and hanging on a wall!
And it has the sweetest little label, too:
Quite a lovely find.


Tina Dawn said...

It is very psychedelic, I think I will have an artichoke for dinner. With butter. Love that label! Love T

EM said...

I gotta slow down! I thought it said "Psychotic Artichoke" at first. I was a little worried!

Tami Von Zalez said...

It is a gem! I like all of your scarf posts.

Diane said...

How cool!