Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Jaru Of California Roosters

My husband has had the brown rooster in the first picture, below, for many years.
 It used to be used as a prop in the family's appliance store which was on the main street here in our town from 1953-1985.
It would sit on top of a console TV, or maybe a stereo cabinet in the store for display purposes.
When the store closed, naturally he brought some things home.
And the rooster was one of those things.
I'm sorry this isn't a very good photo; I needed more light, so I had to just do the best I could:
I was so excited when I saw the orange one in the next photo on the "Evie's Haus" blog.
I had never seen another one like ours before.
I like ours because, well, it's OURS, but oh, the orange one that Evie has!
Could you DIE?
 (I LOVE it.)
 I didn't know until I read about theirs, that it is from Jaru of California.
You see, ours has no markings or sticker on it.
I found the last picture I'm sharing today online; it's from an issue of the Home Magazine from the Los Angeles Times.
Can you see the Jaru rooster in the bottom photo, just behind one of the green rattan chairs?
That one looks like it might be pink!
Or pink and red, maybe?
I don't know, but I will certainly let you know if I ever come across another one of them!
I think they are FABulous.


Tina Dawn said...

Wow, they are big. I didn't realize until I saw your last photo. Very cool. I think the last one is mostly pink, with orange trim, the opposite of Evie's. Very interesting, I wonder if Jaru made other animals. Like a horse maybe. Great post. Love T

The Brittons said...

I love these! So fun!