Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Candy Egg

One day, a while back, I walked into one of my favorite local thrift shops, and this little sugar panorama egg was the first thing I spied:
Too cute.
So I wandered around, looking at everything and I came across a vintage book, which just happened to be about a candy egg.
"The World In The Candy Egg", by Alvin Tresselt, with illustrations by the wonderful Roger Duvoisin.
It's an old library copy, and not in the best condition, but I had never seen it before.
First published in 1967.
I love the charming illustrations!
This egg has a scene inside quite different from the little sugar egg I found.
Every creature who peers inside the egg notices something different.

One day the egg was sold.
And wrapped up carefully....
(In this illustration you see more of Mr. Duvoisin's delightful animals, including a goose that looks rather like "Petunia", and a couple of lions that resemble "The Happy Lion" - most assuredly not a coincidence!).
This lucky little girl was the recipient:
I wonder what SHE sees?
I was happy to add both the book and the little egg to my Easter decorations.


Tina Dawn said...

Well, that was a great bit of serendipity. What a darling book! Love T

Annette said...

You found two very great treasures. I miss seeing those eggs. Thanks for this post....brings back memories.

Diane said...

That book is wonderful! New to me too. Very cute egg!

Anonymous said...

Great score with the Duvoisin book, I'm always on the lookout for little gems like that myself. I own his Donkey-donkey and all for less than a buck.