Saturday, March 21, 2015

A "Frozen" Party

Last weekend, the special little girl in the photo below had a "Frozen" themed birthday party:
Everything reflected the theme:
There was even a game of "Pin The Carrot Nose On Olaf"!
One of the birthday girl's grandmothers brought these pretty and delicious cookies....
To heck with building a snowman, we don't have any snow, anyway.
Do You Wanna Eat A Snowflake?
(I do, and I did.)
The true highlight of the event was the surprise arrival of Elsa and Anna!
They played their roles perfectly, and they painted all of the girls nails, sang songs, taught a few little dance moves, posed for "photo ops", sat down for storytime.....
See - little girls enthralled during story time, a telling of the basic plot line of the film - entertaining and fun.
In fact, I enjoyed it as much as the girls - if not more!
 The Guest Princesses were also there for the cutting of the birthday cake - I'm so sorry I wasn't able to get a good picture of that.
Not ALL of her gifts were "Frozen" themed, but a lot of them were:
I was fascinated by them all, so I had to lay them out and take pictures!
A very lucky little girl, don't you agree?

I wouldn't mind 'helping" to play with some of these.
There was no time for that on party day.
I gave her the shirt on the right, below, and a cute pair of matching snowflake pants
Two happy little girls are seen in my last photo.
The birthday girl, who turned five, is wearing her Elsa "Frozen" dress, it even had music when you pressed a little button on it!
SO cute, and this fabulous party was definitely a HIT!
(Just like the movie - which I happen to love, as well - by the way.)


lorlore said...

Such great photos for this post!!!
Thanks for sharing!!
Special girl indeed!!!!!

Tina Dawn said...

Even this grandmother of two teenagers enjoyed the festivities! And the snowflake cookie! It was a very nice day, and all the little children were adorable. Love T