Saturday, January 10, 2015

New (Old) Stash of 45's

I went into a thrift store on half-price day, and found a little box of vintage 45's.
As I started going through them, I pulled out quite a few. I couldn't believe how many I found that were songs and artists I knew and loved.
Annette Funicello and Hayley Mills have to be my favorite finds:
I haven't had time to listen to these two; I'm curious to hear the two different versions of this song:
I think my Crosley record player might need new needles - I'm not sure where to get them!
Like I said, I found a lot of songs I liked:
If you happen to be in the age range of the Gold Country Girls, you will most likely know and/or remember all of these songs!
Mary Hopkin's "Those Were The Days" was a BIG hit back in 1968!
I couldn't help wondering about these records that had been donated to the thrift store.
Somebody didn't want them.
 Maybe the person who had collected them had passed away?
 That made me a bit sad.
It made me a little sad because whoever owned and collected these records had musical tastes VERY much like my own.
I think if I had met that person, we could have been friends.
(Flip side of the two seen above):
Nearly every single one of them is something I might have purchased myself, if  only I'd had more money to spend on records back in those days. I mean, I like them that much.
 I think some of them may have come out before I was even buying records. The very first LP I ever had was a gift - and that was "The Sounds Of Silence, in fact, it was sitting on my desk in the picture I showed you the other day!
 And my first 45 was a gift, also. My friend Marcia gave it to me for Christmas in 1968. The song was "Look Around You, It's Christmas Time", by Bobby Goldsboro.
These records I found at the thrift store are in near-perfect condition, for the most part - and the sale price meant they were only ten cents each!
I got a kick out of the young gal at the register.
 She said, "Oh, you got the mini records! We just put those out this morning."
No WONDER there were so many great ones there for me to find! Nobody else had even looked through them yet, apparently.
Lucky for me.
(I wrote two posts back in 2009 about some of the old 45's in my husband's and my collections, here and here  - if you're interested.)


Tina Dawn said...

You found a little treasure trove for sure, how wonderful! I love Don't Let the Rain Come Down and Little Boxes. You can find a lot of artists have redone Little Boxes now, it was the theme for "Weeds" and they redid it every year with a different artist. You need to get a couple of new needles and get playing. I love the "mini records" quote. That is so funny! Love T

lorlore said...

bring them up when you come, my player will work for them, LOVE them all, great find!!!!!!

Sunnyana said...

What a find! I didn't have many 45's but I have all the John Denver & Simon & Garfunkel LP's. I also have a few of Neil Diamond. I remember I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing as a Coke ad in the early 70's. And whenever I'm in So. Calif. or anywhere there are rows of houses crammed on a hillside I always start singing Little Boxes in my head.

Diane said...

Wow-- I'm amazed they still have the sleeves! What a find! I love "Those Were The Days!"

Melanie said...

Those are amazing! I was obsessed with Hayley Mills because of the Parent Trap, but I didn't realize she had records. I didn't see the movie until the late 70's, though.
John Denver's My Sweet Lady is one of my all time favorite songs. And I LOL's at "mini records"!