Friday, January 9, 2015

The Gingham Dog And The Calico Cat

The poem "The Duel" was written by Eugene Field, and has long been a favorite of young and old alike.
In the photo below, you see the poem as featured in "The Bumper Book" by Watty Piper:
 And here is the title page of a book of poems printed in 1926:
A vintage book with illustrations by Helen Page:

The cover of yet another sweet little vintage book:
A birthday card featuring the notorious pair:
And a cute vintage Bucilla kit, complete with everything you need to make your own:
(Just don't leave them side by side on the table!!)

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Tina Dawn said...

One of my very, very favorite poems and always the illustrations are wonderful. My favorite fabrics and animals together in a childhood memory! My most favorite rendition of the poem and illustrations was in the World Book Childcraft book "Poems of Early Childhood" published in 1954. I cherished that entire book when I was little, and I know my little sisters loved it as well. Isn't it great we have such great memories of reading and books? Love T