Friday, January 2, 2015

The Perfect Gift For (My Friend) Heidi

One of the gifts I gave my friend Heidi for Christmas was just perfect.
This is how I wrapped it up (she's a horse-lover, just in case you were wondering....):
And this is what was inside (below) - a framed vintage "Mr. Ed" LP album.
Heidi has a collection of vintage framed albums.
Most of them are rock albums, and many of them are even autographed.
But, I had a feeling she'd really like this one.
( I wish I could have gotten an autograph from Alan Young!):
 She LOVES it.
And that makes me very happy.
Isn't it fun when you find something so special to give as a gift?
And it's a particularly delightful feeling when the gift is so well-received.
Makes me smile, just thinking about it.


lorlore said...

What a nice special gift for Heidi!!!
I remember Mr. Ed !!!!

Tina Dawn said...

What fun, and very thoughtful. I love the little wooden horse. Love T