Monday, July 27, 2015

Betsy McCall Does A Good Turn

I love these old Betsy McCall paper doll pages from McCall's magazine. I loved them when I was a little girl, and I still do.
In the 1960's, I used to cut them out and save them. (I still wish they had not been thrown away. I don't think it was me who did it!)
The one I'm showing you today is from 1958.
In this one, Betsy went across the street to see her friend Sue:
Baking gingerbread (or gingerbread cookies) for the Brownie troop!
Sounds like fun to me.......
Saving some for Grandma - that's a Brownie good deed.
Adorable. And we get to see details on what Betsy wore:
Such sweet little dresses.
I think the red jumper is my favorite:
They would list in the magazine where you could find Betsy's clothes at department stores in your area.
I wonder if any lucky little girls got to dress like Betsy on a regular basis?


Tina Dawn said...

This hits home for me, I turned seven in 1958 and I was a real brownie for a while. And to top it off I LOVE gingerbread! Very cute. Love T

Gail Travis said...

One of my grandmother's nieces would let me cut Betsy McCall dolls and her clothes out of her magazines. Several years ago I got a wooden paper doll of Betsy. Just searched on eBay and found the same one. It is from October magazine 1958. Wish I knew how to post the picture.