Friday, July 31, 2015

Christmas In July - One Last Time.....

It's the last day of July, so just a few more Christmas finds from this month - if you'll indulge me?
I found this little cutie at a thrift store here in town that was having a "Christmas In July" sale, where everything was 75% off.
I'm pretty sure I was the first person that morning to even look at their Christmas section on the first day of the sale.
This was the only box of ornaments.
They went right into my basket:
It it's felt with sequins, I'm pretty much all over it.......
.... I'm sure there's a Barbara somewhere who would be delighted with this stocking and it's sweetness:
Two cute little vintage bottle brush trees!
And this gorgeous vintage Christmas poinsettia tablecloth:
This little Santa Claus, below makes his way (and very quickly, I might add!) "down" to the chimney.
He's marked "Japan" on the bottom:
These Christmas tags and the ornament in the next photo aren't all that old, but I liked them - and I also liked that the little ceramic house, (which is also a light cover), kind of goes with the red house on the tags.
 The little wooden drummer is from Midwest of Cannon Falls, and very well made with a cute face :
Donald Duck will fit right in with some other Disney figurines I have, I couldn't resist the little satin unbreakable ornaments,
 and while this ribbon dispenser box may not seem very exciting to you, I was happy to find it.
Hallmark doesn't make them any more, and I have a bunch of them. I think I've kept all of them I've gotten over the years.
I keep all different colors of curling ribbon in them, and they are the easiest dispensers I have ever found to use.
I'm a big curling ribbon enthusiast from WAY back; I love to combine colors to match the (preferably vintage) paper I use to wrap gifts.
Some nice finds, and the prices simply couldn't be beat!


Tina Dawn said...

I love your skiing elf and all the other finds. I am glad you found your ribbon, because you wrap your presents so beautifully and I want you to be enabled! Love T

Sunnyana said...

I love all your vintage Christmas items! That's always one of the first things I look for at our church yard sales. I've found quite a few treasures buried in boxes with newer items. I have a bunch of the bottle brush trees that belonged to my grandparents. Also, a good collection of old tags and stickers but no unopened packages!