Thursday, July 9, 2015

Then And Now #103: Kleenex Boutique Tissues

 Kleenex Brand "Boutique" tissues in the upright box were first introduced in 1967.
The box seen below - Kleenex Boutique Prints - is from 1968:
"Kleenex Boutique Prints", full size tissues, for use in smaller spaces where you might not have room for a regular, rectangular box of Kleenex:
 Paisley Kleenex and toilet tissue?!
Now, THAT'S an idea I can really get "behind", so to speak.
I love it!
And in this next advertisement (from the 1970's, I think) featuring the lovely Lucy Angle, we have Boutique Blooms, the new Kleenex Boutique Wildflowers:
Wildflowers in wild new colors, like coral and violet:
And there were also these "Razzle Dazzling" colors in the "Boutique Collection",
Hot Pink, Bold Gold, True Blue, and Avocado Green:
Bold Gold is seen below with an absolutely fabulous vintage pin cushion lady. (I want her!!)
And, of course, we have the toilet tissue in Avocado Green and True Blue:
And I love the Tree Of Life candle holder shown with the True Blue one:
You might have chosen Hot Pink:
 Check out the Kay Bojesen wooden soldier included in this advertisement, below!
 Seriously great choices for rounding out your photos, ad people!!
 If you wanted things to be all "matchy-matchy", there was always toilet tissue to coordinate with your Boutique box in Avocado Green and Hot Pink, as well:
In 1997, the two Boutique Expressions boxes seen below were among the many from which we could chose:
And, of course, "Now", we have a multitude of designs to choose from!
Like the four designs seen here:
 There are lots and lots of pretty ones, and I especially love the holiday designs at Christmas time. The rest of the year, choose a design to fit in anywhere in your home.
Here are three more that we just happen to have on hand at the moment:
We can even buy boxes designed by the likes of Isaac Mizrahi:
Such lovely roses:
And there are roses designed by Betsey Johnson, too!
 The sheer number of things on our supermarket shelves these days is simply astounding.
We're really kind of spoiled, aren't we?
But, then again, I must admit that I rather like having all of the choices!
Thank you, Kleenex.
(In case anyone is wondering - I don't get paid anything from Kleenex. I write about it because I use it, I like it, and I have been completely loyal to the brand for YEARS.
That's all.)


Tina Dawn said...

I love the printed paisley paper. I wish they made tp like that now. They probably found out the dyes caused acne or something. Great old ads, I love your pin cushion lady and hope you find her! Love T

Diane said...

Very fun! I don't remember printed tissue but do remember colored tissue and TP. Ahh, the good ol' days!

Sunnyana said...

I haven't seen colored or printed tissue in years. I remember people making flowers out of the colored tissues to decorate cars for homecoming and parades. That was 40+ years ago! Love how you find so many ads with the same theme.