Wednesday, July 15, 2015

More of Jon Whitcomb's Fabulous Artwork

I've written about Jon Whitcomb before, but his artwork was a regular feature in many of the vintage magazines I've collected, so when I find it I like to share it with you.
 I actually found this picture of the artist himself in an advertisement out of an old (1958) issue of McCall's Magazine. This was a full-page advertisement from the "Famous Artists Schools.
They were "Looking For People Who Like to Draw", and you could send in for their Famous Artists Talent Test:
My first example of his artwork today is this lovely bride and groom:
And here's an example of his story art, which was frequently featured in McCall's Magazine, among others:
 And another couple - this young man appears to be a bit perplexed by Irene,"she was sitting there, entranced.."
And the close-up scans of the next two ladies are from a Kotex advertisement in a 1958 Family Circle Magazine:

He surely did beautiful work, didn't he?
I'll probably come across more examples soon - that seems to happen to me alot when I post something!
If I do, I may just add a couple more in here.
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Tina Dawn said...

Yes, I would love to see more if you find it. Love T