Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Lounge Chair Road Trip No. 8: Horsetail Falls on Highway 50

Good morning. Tina here. Kicked back in my lounge chair and trying to stay cool. When I think of cool, a tumbling waterfall comes to mind. I think I promised a road trip to Horsetail Falls last week when we were visiting Twin Bridges. 

Horsetail Falls come rushing down behind where Twin Bridges used to sit. If you are fit and like to hike you can climb the trail beside the falls and enter Desolation Valley.

Driving up Highway 50 after Twin Bridges you can look back to the north and see the lovely roaring
falls dominating the entrance to Pyramid Peak.

Years ago I went backpacking up the falls with some dear friends. My friend Sherry (I wrote a memorial to her here in August 2011) who was always rather accident prone, had a hard time negotiating the steep pathway, but we got her up there. Once we were at the top of the falls, there was a lot of snow. Sherry ended up with scratches and bruises since she walked too close to the boulders and would fall into the spots where the snow hid deep holes. But we had fun anyway, and pitching our tents on the snow was a pleasure. I am sure I have pictures somewhere of our trip.

I guess if you look at the falls the right way they do look like a horsetail.

Fred's Place gets an honorable mention in the postcard above.

Horsetail Falls in a 1949 photograph (above).

They are a very wonderful part of a road trip to Tahoe.

A little touch of serendipity happened yesterday as I looked at Facebook. The son of some good friends had taken what he called a "quick hike" up Horsetail Falls after he got off work, and took the beautiful pictures, above and below.

Thank you Ben, for the wonderful photos. Hope you enjoyed our road trip!

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Heidi Ann said...

Neat Post! I loved seeing the old and new photos. Sitting at a higher elevation near a waterfall sounds very refreshing right about now!