Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Chezzio Peacocks

I wrote a post four years ago about finding a huge and gorgeous peacock painting by an artist named Chezzio at a thrift store.
This is a photo of my painting:
I have had a number of people find my post and write to me telling me they have one of these peacocks, also.
 Quite a few of them ask me if I have any more information on the artist.
I'm afraid I have nothing.
 But a few were kind enough to send along photos of their paintings. The photo at the top of this post, the close-up on the artist's signature, below and the picture below that are from one of the other people who were lucky enough to find one of these:
They're all a bit different, of course - but they're all fabulous!
This one below, is the most recent one I received, from a reader named Jennifer:
And here's another:
And just one more, below - this poor thing had been hanging in a mechanic's shop or something, and the owner rescued it!
I imagine it looked a lot better after some careful cleaning:
One of the only things I DO know is that mine still has the original price tag on the back.
 This one was first purchased at a Breuner's (furniture) store - most likely in the mid-1960's - and the original price was $100.00.
Maybe they bought it on sale, who knows?
 But a hundred dollars was quite a bit of money for a furniture store painting back then!

I got a MUCH better deal on mine, I am very happy to say - and I can also tell you that I love it just as much today as I did the day I purchased it!
But that is all I know.
(And if anyone else wants to send me a photo, I would absolutely love to add your photos here!
 Let's share the Chezzio Peacock love, people!)
 We finally got mine hung up above the piano in our living room, and I LOVE that I can look at it every day!


John Plowman said...

I wish I could pay a picture of mine on here. I love it!

Heidi Ann said...

Hi John, Thanks so much for your comments!
I always enjoy hearing from somebody who loves these paintings as much as I do! I would dearly love to see a photo of yours! If you click on my name "HeidiAnn" over on the right side of this blog (under the photo of my sisters and me with the little red wagon), you could email me and send a photo of your painting.
If you wanted to do that, I would be happy to add it to my post!
Thank you again.

Tina Dawn said...

I think it is very interesting that Breuner's sold original art. I enjoy these paintings very much. It does seem strange that the artist would want to basically paint the same painting over and over (although they are each a bit different). The concept reminds me of the painting places they have now (like Painted in Folsom) where different people paint the same painting at the same time. I think it is so great your readers shared their paintings so we could see them. Love T

Jackie said...

Hi. My favorite painting I ever owned is a Chezzio. I actually got mine at a salvation army in upstate NY. Mine is not a peacock! Mine is this absolutely gorgeous abstract Chapel or Weeping Willow. I wish I could find out more about him. I love all the texture he uses. I'll try to send you a picture if I can find your email :)