Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Celebrating July with Vintage 4th of July Postcards

Good morning Tina here.  It is too hot to think, so I am going to let others from about 100 years ago think for me, and you can enjoy some old images, as we check out vintage postcards with 4th of July greetings.
Most of these manage to cram in as much patriotism as they can without leaving out some firecrackers! We can't have fireworks in El Dorado County (which although missed is a very good thing!) so I will just enjoy the idea of them through these postcards.
The demure little girl below seems very sweet and into the 4th without fireworks... wait, what is that
down on the left? Even she has some excitement going.
A little boy below enjoys sparklers, which was one of the few fireworks we Gold Country Girls enjoyed when we were young. How fun to write your name with them! I love how the little boy with the hat is helping the bob-haired girl with her shooter.
Snakes were the other fireworks we loved. Daddy would find a nice flat, smooth river rock and light a small tablet with a match, and the snake would rise out of the stone like magic.
Once in a while we would have a bigger display, something that spun or spit sparks with a bit more power, or maybe even went up into the air some.  That was rare though.
Maybe we would have had a bit more going on if we had had some impish brothers... I have no idea what a spit-devil is, but I don't think I would have liked it much.
Just remember to be kind to animals and maidens, and if we had had impish brothers, they might have gotten an old fashioned spanking.
Enjoy your July!


Heidi Ann said...

Those postcards are spectacular!
And it's so much fun to remember the fireworks from when we were young.
Happy July!!
I don't even want to talk about the HEAT......

lorlore said...

Thanks Tina!!! Great Postcards!! And Happy 'HOT" 4th!!!!!