Tuesday, July 7, 2015

More Sewing Spaces

I found some more photos of sewing spaces in my vintage books and magazines, so I decided to do another post about them.
How nice to have a dedicated work space where, perhaps, you can leave your sewing machine set up all the time, like in this cute blue and yellow space, below:
 This next one, from American Home magazine (1966) looks fabulous! So much space, all adjacent to the laundry area?
 Love it:
The amount of light coming in from this skylight window would help dramatically in the space below - but I happen to know from experience that those bentwood chairs are not all that comfortable.
They do LOOK nice, though:
The artist's rendering of another sewing space, (next photo), is VERY appealing to me.
All kinds of room!
 And a nice chair on wheels, a cutting table, lots of storage, a cool ottoman, and a full-length mirror - I love it!
This gal has a cute little TV handy, too, along with a typewriter, and well - rifles.
That's what happens when you have to share the den, (or whatever), I suppose:
Okay, now here in this space below from the cover of the Better Homes And Gardens book "Sewing For Your Home", you can see that she has been making pillows!
And she also quilts, and crafts, and knits - and she has a fabulous space to do it all in:
Below, in my last picture for today, we see another rendering of a nice work space in front of a window, with a pull-out ironing board handy nearby.
We have one of those here in our 1940 house.
But there isn't room for a sewing area next to it - in fact,we can't even open up the door, let alone use the ironing board inside.
You see, when this house was built 75 years ago, there was a zinc basin and a wringer washer in the laundry room - no dryer - and now that we have a "modern" washer and dryer in there, you can't use the old ironing board (the door's blocked).
 I wish I could!
 That looks like quite a pleasant little space in which to work.
Sketch by Bolin - I like the linoleum floor, too.
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Diane said...

Great work spaces! How long do they stay neat?? Ha, ha... I had a drop down ironing board for a few years. Kinda neat, but they are small, not ideal.