Monday, July 13, 2015

Models, Revisited - More Of Cheryl Tiegs

I've found  quite a few more vintage photos of Cheryl Tiegs in my vintage Seventeen Magazines, so here we go again.....
An advertisement for Bonne Bell - for "Sun Worshippers"
"Save Your Skin", well, that's great advice, then AND now, except it wasn't all about  the SPF back then.
NOW, we know better.
"Pure Magic" by Max Factor:
And an ad for a cute two-piece swimsuit by Cole Jr., below.
I love that hammock she's in!
Max Factor, again - I sure do like her cute, short hair styles:
Next, we have the Honda 50:
And one more black and white shot with the heavy eye makeup,  from Max Factor:
And another "Swoon Suit" by Cole, Jr. -
 I really like the bright stripes on this one:

I think this ad for shoes, below, was in the 1970's, but the rest are from 1966 or 1967, if I'm not mistaken:
And I'm going to leave you with a close-up of her cute short haircut in the Cole, Jr. advertisement:



Tina Dawn said...

Love me some Cheryl Tiegs! I had a Cole Jr. suit. Pink and white, when I was in my mid-teens, about the time of those ads I guess. Somewhere I have a picture of myself wearing it on the beach with Elaine, and with similar hair too. Fun! Love T

Jill said...

Always loved Cheryl Tiegs! So pretty!!