Saturday, August 1, 2015

Mr. Jolly's Sidewalk Market In August

"Oh, dear! It's hot!", says Mr. Jolly - and he's got that right!
 It's August , and here in northern California anyway - it's hot.
Good thing he has his handkerchief with which to wipe his brow.
It also happens to be Saturday, which means we will be going to our Farmer's Market down the street - the closest thing we have around here to rival Mr. Jolly's Sidewalk Market.
It looks as though he even has something for the birds to eat:
 And that dear little orange kitty who is always around, too, of course.
Gotta keep those kitties fed!
This gentleman, below, is just strolling along wondering what his wife is going to fix for dinner. ( I hope he helps her out once in a while?!)
I spy melons, corn, lemons, carrots, cucumbers or zucchini, and peaches.
We just might come home with a few of those ourselves!
(From Mr. Jolly's Sidewalk Market, a book written and illustrated by Laura Jean Allen.)

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Tina Dawn said...

Poor August, don't blame it for the heat, the month just started! I would love to shop at Mr. Jolly's! Love T