Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Images of Placerville

Good morning. Tina here. I am not feeling particularly chatty this morning so I am just going to share some images I have saved over the years that are connected to Placerville. I hope you enjoy them,

Th-th-thats all f-f-folks!


Heidi Ann said...

You already know that I will love anything about Placerville!
I love every single one, especially the last one with the train on it, which I have never seen before. (For that matter, I may have never seen any of these before!)
Seeing as how we grew up going every summer going to - and participating in - the county fair, we remember eating at the Blue Bell, and we skated at the roller rink - and that Mother used to pack pears in Placerville, this post contained a lot of nice memories!
Oh, yes - I definitely enjoyed them!

Gail Travis said...

Love the fruit labels. I ordered some off of eBay intending to frame them but haven't yet.