Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Saying Goodbye to August: More Vintage August Postcards

Good morning, Tina here. August is getting ready to leave us.  It has been a good month, not too many days over 100 degrees here. Very dry, unfortunately, but I got to share my birthday since my sisters came to visit, so I am well satisfied with the joy this month had to give.

The postcard above celebrates the fruit and flowers the month of August can share with us. Here in Kelsey it was nectarines. We had a lot. They were small, but delicious. The end batch became a wonderful cobbler.

The antique postcard above from 1908 has the same calendar as our year 2015. I have it set as my desktop background until next week.

I guess this isn't considered a horoscope, above, since it is for the entire month of August.

An eclipse of the sun in 1932. The dog seems ready to guard in the almost-night.

Celebrating a homecoming to Milwaukee in 1909.

New Hampshire is visited by a snow storm in August. No wonder they are called the White Mountains!

Three horoscope postcards. Does your birthday fall within these days?

Lots of information here.

Hope you enjoy the last week of August, 2015. It will never come again.


Melanie said...
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Melanie said...

Great post! My son is turning 17 on Sunday, and so your last line really hit me. Happy Belated Birthday!

Heidi Ann said...

I loved every one of those cards! I was only able to taste one of your little nectarines when I was there. It was so good! Wish I had thought to ask if I could bring some home - and boy, am I ever sorry I missed that cobbler! Yum.
Milwaukee - so, that makes me think of our Wisconsin vacation - exactly 14 years ago, we had JUST gotten home from that wonderful trip. I want to go back SO badly and see all of our beloved relatives again. Miss them.
The little calendar postcard may be my favorite. It IS hot - again, (or still) - so August is not my favorite month, and if I could go swimming like a fish that would be awfully nice!

Diane said...

Great cards! The horoscope ones are very interesting!

Anonymous said...

Wow they are fantastic thanks for sharing them. Happy Birthday for this month. Mine was this month also on the 14th, I found the card that related to me to be pretty spot on......if I say so myself.

Deanna said...

I love the postcard from 1908. I love that it says sardonyx. I don't think people remember that that was the stone before peridot. So sweet!