Friday, August 7, 2015

New Face For A Calico Critter

I have written before about these cute vintage  Puss In Boots Calico Critters. 
Back in that post, my first photo was of the two I saw at a local thrift store. They were not for sale.
I went into that same thrift store a while back and this one poor kitty had basically been relegated to the back room toy corner.
 I got him for $1.00.
He needed a new face, and now he has one:
 I do realize his eyes look rather "mask-like", maybe a bit like a raccoon, but I had to come up with something, since the green eyes alone were much too small.
He has his own personality, don't you think??
This is how he looked when I bought him:
I was determined to fix him up with things I already had on hand, and the only eyes I had simply weren't large enough to look quite right, so I had to make something extra to back them with:
The photo below shows how the original faces look on these vintage Critters.
I suppose my new guy could use a large bow, as well, but I wasn't able to re-create that - at least not yet.
I have a number of these Calico Critters now, since I actually I came across two more of them at another local thrift store about a year ago.
They have been known to go pretty high on eBay in the past, so when I found TWO for only $2.00 each, I scooped them up!
And then Lori just found me another one last weekend at a church sale!
I don't even have that many pairs of boots!
But they're kind of cute to have around........


Tina Dawn said...

I love your kitty's eyes! Great job. I may make some for my boots. I think they are all adorable. Love T

Diane said...

Cute "makeover." Now you have an excuse to go boot shopping!