Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Patterns From The Past: Cute Simplicity Dresses - 9565 and 9617

Our dress patterns from the past for today are from Simplicity, and in the photo below you see them pictured on a page in the December 1971 issue of Simplicity Fashion News.
That's Susan Dey on the left, and I need help with the name for the other model - if anyone knows?
Here is the front of pattern number 9617, so cute whether or not you trim it with ribbon as shown on the model above, and the purple dress on the pattern:
I like the old-fashioned look of the two long dresses, and their hairstyles are cute, too:
And here is pattern number 9565, as worn by Miss Dey at the top of this post:
The long version of this dress looks like something I may have even had back then. I wore things like that when I worked at Sierra Nevada House in Coloma.
It's especially cute with the rick rack, but then I'm pretty much a sucker for rick rack!
 Susan, you look adorable!


Diane said...

Very cute! Yes, Susan was a doll.

Sunnyana said...

These patterns look very familiar. I always liked Susan Dey, too. I recognize the other model but I don't remember her name. Love it when you show patterns. They remind me of my days working in the yardage department at Harris', a So. Calif. company no longer in business.