Friday, August 14, 2015


I found this large hooked rug/wall hanging at a thrift store a while back.
I didn't think I ever shared any photos of it at the time.
It. Is. Gorgeous.
Sadly, I simply couldn't figure out how or where to display it in my home, so I took it down to the shop and put it up for sale.
 I'm hoping someone will appreciate it as much as I do.
Can you imagine how much work went into this?
It was never used as a rug, only as a wall hanging, so it is pristine.
So colorful and bright, and I love all the details in this town and country scene:
Right down to the fish in the creek.


Tina Dawn said...

Gorgeous! It reminds me of Coloma, with the river and bridge and church. Love T

Diane said...

That is really something! You hardly ever come across work like that too! Gorgeous!

Deanna said...

Hi there! Long time no see. I'm so thrilled that you are still here on Blogger.

I purchased something like this a few days before Christmas at a thrift store, except that it looks like it was "sewn" if you will. The stitches are going horizontally and it does look like some type of thin yarn was used. I'll have to post it one day and maybe you can tell me what that type of art/craft work is called.

Looking forward to going back into your archives. I've missed so much!