Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Vintage Wallpaper Books, Part Two

Today I am sharing some more of the patterns found in one of the vintage wallpaper books I found recently.
These are all from a book of Sherwin Williams Wallpapers, with no date found inside.
 Let's start with this one, simply because I adore this scene and the colors - outdoor dining at it's finest:
 We have a pretty swallow:
 A stagecoach:
 Animals preparing to board Noah's Ark:
Kids playing wit their train set:
 Here's another setting I love - how relaxing and nice does this look?
I want to go sit and relax in THIS back yard!
 We've got a couple of designs for the kitchen:
Two lovely floral designs:
One for the powder room:
 A glorious old home (Italianate?):
 Pine tree branches:
 All brought to you by:
 Part three coming soon.


Diane said...

Fabulous designs! Thanks for sharing! Here is another nosy question: do you plan to do anything with the pages?

lorlore said...

They are all wonderful!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow I love the Noah's Ark one and the kids playing. What a cool book. X

Laurie said...

Check out a lady whose company is called "Fondue" - she makes lots of cool stuff from old wallpaper - really fun!

That book has some great old papers!

Tina Dawn said...

Oops, missed this post because of computer problems! I love all of these, especially the pine branches. The backyard one reminds me of Grandpa Pop and Anita's because they had a patio like that. Such a great find for you! Love T