Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Put To Good Use

I found this wooden quilt rack at a thrift store last week.
It didn't look too great, but I brought it home and painted it white:
And then I took it down to the shop where I rent a space, and I put it to good use, as you can see below:
I do have some vintage quilts that I am thinking about selling, but for now it holds an assortment of linens that were previously housed in a drawer.
 Now they are visible to shoppers.
When I was taking pictures of it, I also got a few other snapshots of my displays and shelves, showing many of the items I have for sale:
(If you see anything you're interested in, let me know!
You can e-mail me by clicking on "Heidi Ann" under "Contributors" over in the right margin of this blog.)
I don't do a lot of painting, and whenever I get a project finished, it feels really good, you know.
And when I tell you that I slapped a coat of white paint on that display rack, I mean it quite literally!
I'm not the best painter in the world, but it'll do.
It's serving it's purpose, and it looks better than it did when I found it!


Lorlore said...

The rack looks great!!! And so does the shop!!!!

Sunnyana said...

I love this post for so many reasons.The quilt rack looks great! A perfect way to display the beautiful linens. I was surprised to see your Blue Ridge plate. I have 3 plates and a few cups and saucers that were my Grandmother's that have the exact same design. I also love all your mugs. I have a rack in my kitchen with a few that would fit in perfectly with yours. I like the gingham items, as well as the strawberry and ladybug things and a lot more. Its fun to look closely at the things in the background to find things I recognize! Wish I lived closer so I could visit your shop. Thanks for sharing!

Sew Inspired said...

Love your use of the quilt rack and you are very good at making your displays bright and colorful. Good luck with your space and have fun thrift hunting.

Tina Dawn said...

Looking good! Enjoying all the colorful choices. Keep slapping that paint on the things that need it. Love T

Diane said...

Your displays are so nice! Wish I could visit in person!