Monday, August 17, 2015

Vintage Ladybug Fashions For Back To School

School starts later this week here in our town, so today I'm sharing some more vintage Ladybug fashions.
Today they're all in black and white, from 1967.
I think all of them are definitely cool enough for school.
Oh - but speaking of "cool enough"?
It isn't.
It might be a while before anybody will be wanting to wear a sweater!
Not here where we live, anyway.
It's an awfully cute combo, though - a flowered cotton shirt, nice cardigan, and a pleated kilt with one of those big skirt pins.
(No wool sweaters, thank you - not quite yet. Not when the high temperatures are hovering around 102 degrees.)
This culotte jumper is cute - but maybe without the turtleneck until, like November, or so!
"Pure Dash" - but this is wool, too.
Wait until a bit later in the season.
Oh, how I wish I could have seen this quilted cotton suit below in color, instead of plain old black and white!
It came in "Fresh Green, Buttercup, Candy Pink and Baby Blue".
I'll bet it was absolutely adorable.
Whatever you're wearing, if you are headed back to school, please dress appropriately.
Whatever that means these days.


Tina Dawn said...

In 1967, when school was starting, I was 16 and I had a very similar kilt skirt in green and yellow and white with a kilt pin, and also a cotton culotte skirt in red white and blue. I felt very appropriately dressed! It was also September, the appropriate time of year for school to start, in my opinion! Enjoyed this post. Love T

Diane said...

I agree with Tina about school starting in September! Great ads! I love the typewriter style font with the Ladybug logo. Well done (to whoever designed that!).