Friday, August 28, 2015

Ole! - Because I TOLD You I Was Obsessed With It

Yes, it's another post about Stanley's Ole Furniture.
I first wrote about it back in 2010, and I have done a number of posts since then.
I write a new one every single time I find another picture of it anywhere.
But today, we are going to take another, closer look at my favorite advertisement (from 1968), with all of the fabulous pieces that were pictured in this little girl's room.
I cannot even imagine having a room like this!
You can see the unusual chair in the picture below (I think it was from Craig's List).
 You also see the smallest nightstand  they made and the low chest - these two are NOT in the room above:
I enlarged the small photo that was featured in the advertisement, and in this picture you can how rearrangement of the same furnishings could still suit this room after the little girl grows into a teenager.
(I'll take it - all of it! Either configuration - I'm not picky.)
She moved the furniture all around, put her twin bed into the alcove and added a beaded curtain - super cool.
Oh, and now she has a TV and a phone in her room, too.
Nice, very nice:
You see the headboard and foot board for the twin bed in the picture below, along with that great standing mirror, and also a highboy chest that is not in the ad room.  
They had MANY different pieces available, you see.
You may or may not remember that the only piece that I actually own is the twin bed, but in the yellow.
 I found it at a thrift store.
It is still but a dream of mine to find more pieces of this furniture that I adore.
Next, just for fun, let's focus on the accessories in this room, shall we?
That looks like a cute trash can there on the floor.
 She has my colorful Counterpoint cardboard boxes all over, cute mushrooms, a cat that looks very interesting, 
and what appears to be a sweet hand-painted wooden doll:
One more shot of a bunch of the furniture (oh, be still my heart!), with a desk and chair, the twin bed again,
and one of the larger nightstands that has a drawer and a shelf:
Back to the things on her shelves.
 Looks like that could be a Gemma Taccogna bust up on top, there.
There's also a fabulous wooden Pinocchio figure, two gorgeous pincushion ladies (I LOVE those!), more boxes, flowers and flower pots, a cool pig and a bird:
Now, this next picture, below, is something I was really excited to find! An old ad that actually shows some prices.
 I wanted this furniture SO badly back when I was about 12 or 13!
 There was NO way on earth that my family could ever have afforded to buy special furniture for my room.
We hardly ever had any new furniture, period - and if we got something, it sure wasn't going to be a room full of new furnishings for me!
We simply didn't have that kind of money.
Oh, but a girl could DREAM!
And dream, I did.
Here's another photo of the desk with a hutch added, and a chair, below.
There were at least three different styles of chairs.
Here, again the desk and hutch:
Close-up on a chest of drawers:
And the double dresser with the vanity mirror added on top - not a very clear photo, but still......
I'm still dreaming about it, quite honestly.
Maybe some day............
Oh - and if you haven't seen my other posts about this Ole furniture,  and you're interested - well, just enter "Ole" in the "Search" box, and you should be able to find most of them.
I feel compelled to add  here that I am fairly certain that my own series of posts that I have written here on this blog feature more pictures, ads and information about this fabulous vintage Stanley furniture than you will find anywhere else on the web.
There have been many people who have discovered my posts over the years when they have searched for this furniture, and who have written to me about it - and perhaps have gone on to post the pictures of the ads, etc. from this blog elsewhere.
 I have gathered vintage magazines and books over the years, so it took me a while to gather all that I have shared here. I honestly think I probably have amassed the largest collection of original advertisements, etc. for this line of furniture than any other single person.
But I have done it all  because I am obsessed with the Ole Collection by Stanley.
And I have been for 48 years.

(Quite a few people have written to me or commented on my original post over the years to ask questions about the furniture. I don't have any information about how to price it for sale. It is worth whatever someone might be willing to pay. However, if you do have some for sale, and you wish to publish your e-mail or phone number so that others may contact you, I am willing to publish your comments, so that when people search for the furniture and find this blog, they are free to get in touch with you. What I cannot do, however, is offer advice about buying or selling, nor can I act as a liaison between buyers and sellers. But I do thank you all sincerely for your interest in the furniture that I love so much!)


Tina Dawn said...

Wow, just beautiful, and my favorite colors too. That girl's room is bigger than some people's apartments! Just add a kitchenette and a bathroom on the unseen wall, voila! I hope someday you can have your dream room with that furniture. Love T

Diane said...

That is a really nice collection. I would have loved it as a teen! Love all those accessories too! I wish bold colors would come back in style.

Melanie said...

All of your posts on this furniture are so great! If I ever come across any ads or photos in old magazines, I'll be sure to share them with you. :) And I would have loved that bedroom when I was growing up!