Thursday, August 13, 2015

What's Penny Wearing? #122 Uniforms From The Stagecoach Inn

Today, Penny is modeling a couple of dresses that are waitress uniforms worn years ago when I worked at The Stagecoach Inn in Columbia, California.
First of all, we have this red gingham number with eyelet lace trim:
I really liked this one - in fact, I think it was my favorite.
We wore red aprons with it, and I didn't have one of those, so I pinned a place mat on her so that you could at least get the general idea.
(We had pockets on the apron to hold our ticket books.)
Just for fun, here's a photo from a McCall's Needlework and Crafts magazine where Barbie happens to be rocking a similar look!
And here's the pattern hers was made from:
 This black and white uniform, below, was the last one I wore there. I can't remember whether they had different uniforms after I left to work at the post office full time,
but I think they may have had one other.
These were comfortable and practical; they washed up really nicely and looked very professional:
I looked all over for the apron so I could add it for my photos here today (I still think I saved one and I have it somewhere!), but I couldn't find it, so the dress will have to suffice:
Here's my simple black and white name tag on the black and white uniform:
I did manage to find a photo of me wearing it - WITH the apron!
That's my dear friend Robin with me - in front of my Toyota, out behind the restaurant:
I had a bunch of different name tags over the years.
 People gave some of them to me.
My fave is that colorful one at top left in the photo below:
And last of all, this (terrible) picture of me, below, was taken out in front of the restaurant.
In this, the oldest picture, you see the very first uniforms we wore!
This one was taken back in 1977:
Sadly, the restaurant closed in 1995.
 It was a wonderful place to work and to EAT, and I have a lot of great memories of the place!
It was owned by Bob and Sue Dixon, and was located at 22268 Parrott's Ferry Road in Columbia.
Two years after the restaurant closed, their daughter Lorraine published this cookbook:
The building now houses the Columbia Post Office.

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Tina Dawn said...

I only remember the oldest uniform. I guess I just was never there when you were working. I love the gingham. I don't get the black and white, but I guess they wanted something really different. It looked good on you though! This was a kick to read. Love T