Sunday, August 30, 2015

Vintage Wallpaper Books, Part Three

This may be the last part in my series, or I may get crazy and decide to add another post one of these days - who knows?
Today, we have images from yet another of the vintage wallpaper books I found.
This one is "Nancy Warren Wallpaper", and the book has no date.
We will begin with geraniums:
Yellow roses:
Hunting dogs:
These remind me of vintage barkcloth - stylized calla lilies in two different colorways:
Love both of these ...
White hibiscus flowers:
Lovely roses:
And that's it!
I hope you've enjoyed seeing these - I enjoyed sharing them with you!
And finding them.
Finding them was pretty good, too.


Tina Dawn said...

They are all lovely, especially like the geraniums. Love T

Tami Von Zalez said...

I just saw on an episode on American Pickers that those wallpaper samples are a hot item. Seems some fabric makers are recreating those old patterns.

Diane said...

Yes, I did enjoy seeing all of those designs! Thanks for posting!

Melanie said...

My favorite is the strawberries!

Sunnyana said...

These images bring back memories. I especially like the geraniums, strawberries and pink roses.