Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Flowers And Smoky Skies

First of all today, I just wanted to show you a photo of the pretty little bouquet of flowers I was given the last time I went into one of my favorite thrift shops here in town:
Aren't they pretty? One of the owners of the shop had them and she was giving them away!
I was lucky enough to be the last person to get one of her lovely little bouquets.
I was delighted:
The day before, I snapped another photo of one of our geraniums outside - I just love the vibrant red of the flowers:
That same day, I had to take a few pictures of the sky.
Bear with me, here, and you'll see why.
I stood in one spot and I took this photo of the trees and sky facing south.
 Then I turned around and took this picture while facing north.
Once again - see the color of the sky when looking this way....
...and that way:
 Ash was falling from the sky, and of course the smell of the smoke was heavy in the air.
We were lucky to be far enough away as to not have ever been in any danger, but there were SO many people and animals who had to be evacuated, and it was gratifying to see how all of the individuals, businesses and organizations in the surrounding communities were quick to offer help in numerous ways.
I'm glad that I can tell you that the devastating Butte Fire, which started around thirty miles or so from here, is (as I write this) now about 75% contained.
 My photos were taken on the 11th, two days after the fire started.  Our skies here are now back to blue.
But my heart goes out to all of those people who lost their homes, and the two who lost their lives.
Fires are really the most horrible thing.


Tina Dawn said...

Your bouquet is beautiful, I love zinnias! We had a lot of smoke here too, there were two mornings we couldn't even see the river when we got up. As the winds changed it would either go south to you or north to us. We also got smoke from the Valley fire near Clear Lake. Two terrible disasters and I am so glad they are closer to containment! Love T

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Such a lovely bouquet I really like the flowers you used. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful post here with us.

Caramella said...

Beautiful flowers and pictures, I feel relaxed just looking at them!!