Wednesday, September 23, 2015

It's Autumn: Sharing Vintage Fall Postcards

Good morning. Tina here. I am sharing some vintage postcards today which celebrate fall.

We are starting with Thomas Kinkade's promotion postcard of his painting "Autumn Snow" because although it is not vintage, it is a portrayal of the South Fork of the American River, which I am lucky to live beside.

Lovely autumn lady dressed to the nines.

Autumn colors in Arkansas.

This postcard was listed as the end of autumn. I can see myself gliding in a canoe taking in the colors.

Autumn in Colorado.

Above is a wondrous colorful drive, lounge-chair road trip anyone?

Fall along the Feather River in California.

Berries in the autumn. Looks a lot like poison oak leaves to me.

Autumn in Iowa on Lake Okoboji.

Squirrels and acorns on a lovely postcard. Our squirrels here in Kelsey have been very busy welcoming the many small acorns this fall has brought.

Autumn in Massachusetts. What a lovely place to take a walk!

More beautiful fall colors.

Let's take a ride along brilliant trees in New York.

This vintage lady is getting a jump on Tom Kinkade by almost a hundred years as she records the autumn beauty.

Fall greetings from Oklahoma.

Gathering together some of the mums which decorate autumn.

Pennsylvania autumn colors.

Deep in thought among the heaps of fall harvest.

A stroll along the roadway in Vermont with fall colors.

This lovely lady couldn't be more full of the hues of fall.

Glorious Half Dome in Yosemite in the fall.

And for the last, since autumn brings falling leaves, we offer helpful fairies to rake them all together.

I hope you enjoy your autumn!


Heidi Ann said...

Oh, my goodness - those are all so beautiful!!
Welcome, Autumn; glad you're here at last.
Now bring on the cooler weather!!

Diane said...

Wow-- all very pretty!