Friday, September 25, 2015

Vintage Montag Stationery

I love vintage stationery - I used to collect stationery when I was younger.
I found this groovy advertisement for Montag in one of my vintage Seventeen Magazines:
And here's another ad - for "Racing Stripes":
I found this lovely vintage box of Montag stationery at a thrift store a while back:
And then I found another.....
.... hmm, I didn't think I was STILL collecting stationery - but maybe I am!


Diane said...

Cool! I sure remember the Montag name.

Tina Dawn said...

Very pretty! I sure wish I had samples of all the stationery I used when I was a pre-teen and teen.
So enjoyed this. Love T

lorlore said...

I love stationery, although I only write an occasional letter to Grandson these days!!!