Monday, September 28, 2015

Vintage Counterpoint Ceramics

I've written about vintage Counterpoint items quite a few times in the past.
I got lucky recently and found some more of these pretty and colorful vintage items.
First up we have some coffee mugs:
 Two of each color:
And I also found three coasters:
All with their labels still intact:
And to top it all off, I found two spice jars, too!
These also have their original labels:
And their corks, too, of course!
These are the types of finds that make me happy.
Silly me.


Sunnyana said...

I love all of these, especially the mugs! I have a coaster with yellow flowers and it does have a label but the printing has all come off. That's because I use it all the time as a spoon rest on my stove. All of your items look like they are brand new. Great finds!

Tina Dawn said...

These are all really great! I have probably owned a bit of each of them through the years. Such pretty rendering of the flowers. I especially like the clover. Love T