Saturday, September 26, 2015

Patterns Of The Past: Simplicity 9354, A Lovely Long Dress

Today's pattern, simplicity number 9354 is shown here on a page from the Simplicity Fashion News (circa 1971).
 It is modeled by the gorgeous Shelley Hack:
"Young Contemporary Fashion", it says on the pattern.
This style is almost exactly the same as a store-purchased dress I had back then.
Mine was yellow calico, and I think it finally fell apart because I wore it so much!
 I loved it.
 (I have a picture someplace - if I find it, I will add it here later on.)
Here is the front to of the pattern:
Close up on the long style:
And the back of the pattern:
And here are a few of the other patterns that are shown;
We have Simplicity number 9366:
And number 9313:
The last one is a poor photo, but here is 9380, as well.
I like the skirts and blouses, too - but 9354 is my favorite.

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Tina Dawn said...

I love all of these patterns, but yes, the dress is the best. I want to make them all right now! Love all the fabrics! Love T