Thursday, September 3, 2015

One Of My Favorite Vintage Lowell Herrero Calendars

I wrote a post of last year titled "Clocks And Walls" in which I showed you two calendar pages I had discovered at a thrift shop. I loved the artwork SO much that I dreamed of some day finding the entire calendar.
Well, I am happy to share with you that I have, indeed,  gotten my hands on a copy of the fabulous item, an advertising calendar from 1967 with artwork by the enormously talented Lowell Herrero!
Oh, I am such a huge fan of Mr. Herrero's work.
This colorful calendar is spectacular:
The illustrations are completely fabulous, and the "remedies" described are, well, let's simply say "ill-advised".
Coiffure describes how a lady could dry her hair by hanging her hair over a pan of ignited charcoal, for example.
Cure colds and coughs by chewing horseradish:
There are freckle-removing remedies.....
A remedy for "falling hair"
How to remove wrinkles:
And seven others.
The best part is that this calendar will be accurate in 2017, and I will be absolutely delighted to hang it on my wall and use it that year.
I LOVE it.


Melanie said...

Such great artwork! I'm so happy for you that you found the whole calendar!

Tina Dawn said...

Looks like a lot of fun, as long as you don't try the remedies! Love all the color. Love T

Diane said...

Wow-- what a find! Love the bold colors!

Sunnyana said...

I love the colorful artwork, especially the cover!