Sunday, September 13, 2015

A Beautiful Wedding (With Volkswagens)

Last weekend we had the true pleasure of being in attendance at the wedding of our friend Ben and his lovely wife Lacey.
I have written about him before, back in this post I did about one of the Volkswagen buses he had refurbished.
The weather even cooperated! It was not a hot day, it was actually very nice!
They got lucky on that one.
I didn't get a whole lot of photos. The pictures of the happy couple were borrowed - with permission from the groom.
The first dance......
Everything looked SO nice!
I worked with Ben's mom at JoAnn Fabric and Crafts here in town.
Another friend who also worked there made the cupcakes and also some of the dresses for the wedding party.

They had these mugs for you to personalize and then take home with you.
Notice the Volkswagen bug stamped on one side of the tags?
Well, I think I snapped more photos of VW's in the parking lot than anything else!
Both this convertible Bug and The Thing were restored by Ben.
And it makes sense that a number of the guests came in their Volkswagens - these are some serious VW people, folks! (Love it!)
I'm sorry I don't have the years of these vehicles to list here, but perhaps I'll be able to come back in and add them one of these days.
More! My first car was a red VW Bug, so the one below was a favorite of mine......
Another shot:
This one is cool:
And here we have bumper stickers galore!
A parting shot....
But this baby, here:
This is Ben's pride and joy - and it is SPECTACULAR!
Just to give you an idea of what this young man can do - here are a couple of "before" pictures:

 And one more "after" shot:
Yeah, baby - THAT'S what I'm talking about!!
And here is my favorite shot from the wedding:
 Are you kidding me?
How totally cool is THAT?
And, to top it all off, they went to Disneyland on their honeymoon!!
Can you understand why I think these kids are pretty special?
Congratulations, you two!
And thank you again - SO much - for the invitation.
It was an absolute pleasure to be there with you to celebrate your special day.
It was fabulous.


lorlore said...

Such great photos!!! So happy for the Newlyweds!!!

Tina Dawn said...

I love their cake topper, so cute and different. He could be related to the Gold Country Girls! We have VWs in our blood. Great post. Love T