Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Mr. Jolly's Market In September

Mr. Jolly Says "Oh, dear! School begins Tuesday!"
(I don't have the heart to tell him school has already started here.
 I don't like it that it starts in August now, either.
 We've gone over this before....)
And the boys tease the girls.
You see, some things never change.
The lady in the smart green suit and orange hat wonders,
"What shall I cook for dinner tonight?",
while the gentleman inside the apartment building next door is already trying to decide:
 "What shall I have for breakfast in the morning?"!
He must be going out for dinner.
Either that, or somebody's fixing dinner FOR him.
And the little girls play jump rope.
And the little orange kitty (always my favorite every month) chases the leaves that are scattered by the wind.
From "Mr. Jolly's Sidewalk Market", written and illustrated by Laura Jean Allen.
Only two more of these remain before I will have shown you all twelve of them.
You see, I started sharing them with you last December.
I'll kind of miss them when I'm all done.

1 comment:

Tina Dawn said...

I think the lady should make Five Spice Casserole for dinner and the man should have Eggs Benedict for his breakfast, and the little orange kitty should have a gopher, because as fun as they are to chase, leaves don't really fill you up very well. Love T