Wednesday, September 9, 2015

When a Dog Gets Older... Robbi's Tale

Good morning. Tina here.

I've introduced you to my Corgi, Robbi, before.

His full name is Duke Robin Hood of Kelsey.

He is eleven and a half years old, born in January 2004.

One of Robbi's favorite things is to bark at the deer in our yard.  We have a lot of deer who live in our yard.

They don't really care.  In fact, once Robbi chased a doe who had her fawn with her and she turned on him and butted him hard. It hurt his back, and he had to go on a visit to the vet and get some pain pills. He seemed to heal up and be okay afterward.

We are not sure if that had anything to do with what is wrong with him now.

He is losing the ability to stand on his back legs, and has to drag them most of the time behind him. He has a hard time on slippery floors and climbing stairs.  He doesn't seem to want to play with Ishi like he used to.

My husband has ordered a wheeled contraption, which will be custom made to his weight and size, to help him get around. I will keep you updated on his progress.


Heidi Ann said...

Oh, poor Robbi - I felt so badly for him when I saw him a few weeks ago. That is tough to watch. I do love the sound of the wheeled contraption; I think it will be great to help him!
As soon as we got off the phone yesterday, I thought "Oh, I forgot to ask her how Robbi was doing!".
So I'm glad you wrote this post about him today.

Candice said...

Oh dear, poor Robbi! How sad that his legs are failing him. Let us know how he does with his new wheels. When my kitty Vincent got too old to jump on my bed I bought him steps. Vincent wasn't the brightest cat so I had to actually set him on the steps to teach him how to use them. Once he figured it out he was very happy to be able to get on the bed on his own.

lorlore said...

So happy Robbi gets a little helper for him, let us know how it works!!!!

Shelly said...

Our senior pug's back legs & hindquarters slowly became paralyzed, and she couldn't pee by herself anymore, so we had to rub her tummy to get her to pee. She lived 3 more years like that (until she was 16 1/2), so it becomes the new "normal"!