Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dolly Toy Pin-Ups

I found this vintage ad in a magazine, and I thought "Oh - we used to have some of those hanging on our wall when we were little!". I'm not even sure now which ones - maybe Little Bo Peep? I think I'd recognize them if I saw them again.
I'm not sure whether these Disney ones were made by the same company, but it's possible. They are so colorful and fun! The Casey Jr. Circus Train - kind of like the Disneyland attraction:
I love to ride the little train, and all of the others that some people may think are "little kid" rides (Who ARE you people? And what are you doing at Disneyland?)
There's Dumbo! I love the flying elephants, too!
I bought this set for myself - and no, I don't have any little kids! So?


yosemite faith said...

i know - who are those people and what ARE they doing in disneyland (when there you are not AT you are IN disneyland)! love them all heidi!

Annette said...

Good to see the Mad Hatter out & around enjoying himself. Love T

Deanna said...

Those are marvelous Heidi! I'd never seen them before. I love that you show so many wonderful vintage items that I've never seen...just like those tally cards.

Deanna :D

Kim G. said...

These are great, the Dumbo would be a huge hit in our house these days! My little guy is WAY into Dumbo. I think it's sad how mean the other elephants are mean to him but he sure shows them a thing or two when he takes off flying!

Auntie Joy said...

I hope you can come visit with us sometime. I have been thinking it is about time to get Sam back to Disneyland again, and after your pictures now I want to go for sure! (For Sam???)