Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Swans And Stuff In The Bathroom

I've written before about our bathroom. The house was built in 1940, and has blue bath fixtures and pink tile in the stall shower, on the floor and halfway up the wall. I love old tiled bathrooms. The glass shower door has etched swans on it, and there were a few swans already decorating the bath when we moved in. So I began to collect more - and I'm showing you some of them in today's photos.
These are on a pink shelf unit that sits atop the counter. Not only swans - I also have lots of vintage cosmetic jars and the like. That green snail, above, is a pottery called Monterey Jade - it's gorgeous stuff. I think my mother-in-law probably got it in Carmel.
I've collected them all over - eBay, thrift shops, antiques stores, yard sales. Not all are vintage, but they still fit right in with the rest.

You probably won't have any trouble believing that this isn't all of them! There are nearly 20 more swans elsewhere in the room, including on vintage textiles. Yes, um, maybe I do get a little carried away sometimes....


Annette said...

That snail better watch out, I think swans like to eat them! Love T

yosemite faith said...

love swans - ever since i saw my first one on the lake when i was little! i found out quick that they are not as nice as they look - my cat is like that as well - all looks and no 'personality'. love these collectibles!

Pearl said...

You've got a great Swan collection... I like how you used some of your Vintage Hankies throughout your display... But what really made my heart skip a beat is your Pink ceramic Perfume Bottle shaped like a Fan, with the sweetest Forget-Me-Not blossoms! Have never seen something quite as Lovely as that is... Of course, now I want one... LOL

Hope all's been going well in your world... Spring is so close now!