Friday, March 20, 2009


What better way to welcome the season than with this poem and sweet Tasha Tudor illustration from the book "First Graces"?
And a lovely postcard from 1920. Don't you just LOVE it when you see a rainbow?

I wish I knew a way to add a clickable link to let you hear a song, too. "Spring, Spring, Spring" from Seven Brides For Seven Brothers , as sung by Michael Feinstein on The MGM Album. We'll have to settle for some of the lyrics:
"Oh, the barnyard is busy, in a regular tizzy,
and the obvious reason is because of the season.
Ma Nature's lyrical with her yearly miracle,
it's spring, spring, spring.
All the henfolk are hatchin' while the menfolk are scratchin',
to insure the survival of each brand new arrival.
Each nest is twittering, they're all "baby-sittering", it's spring, spring, spring!"
I love it.The illustration above is from "Twilight Tales", first published by Rand McNally in 1947. Mrs. Hen and her three little chicks: Cheery Chick, Chatty Chick, and Chubby Chick. I don't think any of them look chubby. Only cute!


Annette said...

Your spring post made me think of Spring Byington from December Bride, so I looked her up. She was actually born in October! What a surprise. Such a pretty name. Apparently there will be a biography coming out next year. Then I thought about season names. I have known a Winter (and a Wynter), I haven't ever known a Spring, I have known a Summer and an Autumn. Lovely post. Welcome to spring. Love T

Debra said...

Tina, thanks for reminding me of December Bride which reminded me of Pete and Gladys, which I loved, loved, loved! I went to You Tube and watched an episode along with a lovely, vintage Kellogg's commercial. Go Gold Country Girls!

Heidi, lovely post as always!

yosemite faith said...

oh yes i remember spring byington too - nice tv memory. it is sunny today and some of the snow has melted so it is on its way.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

I loved your cheerful springtime post. Especially that adorable chicken illustration. Have a wonderful weekend! Twyla

Pearl said...

This is such a pleasant Springtime post... I really like the lil bonnets the chicks are wearing! And, yes, I love finding Rainbows and being reminded of the promise from God behind them... So glad that you got the Red Roof Easter Card... Hope your weekend's been wonderful...