Tuesday, March 31, 2009

To INSURE A Good Life

I came across this little stack of booklets awhile back from the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company (MetLife). I believe they're from the 1930's. I assume that these were provided free of charge, and they certainly contain a wealth of information. Included in the first booklet, below...

...was their simple prescription for life, including all of these:
and these, as well:
And a cookbook in case you needed some help with that:
I thought these lunch suggestions inside were interesting!

Good Teeth At All Ages told you just about everything you needed to know about your teeth and keeping them healthy:
The Family Food Supply - what your family needs:
Oh - and what they should eat!
Overweight And Underweight -this one includes sample menus, calorie counts, a weight chart - you get the idea:
Standing Up To Life - for good posture and foot health - what you should do:
....and what you shouldn't do:
Stand up to life!

I thought these old booklets were interesting - and you know, back then we didn't have the wealth of information at our fingertips that we do these days. Maybe an encyclopedia if you were able to afford it - otherwise , a trip to the library would be in order if you needed some information. Seems nice to me that the company provided these to their customers, or perhaps potential customers.


yosemite faith said...

love these booklets!!!! and tomato sandwiches! my gram always made homemade bread and had a HUGE (and i do mean HUGE) garden - tomato sandwiches were the norm (i did not like tomatoes for a long time so the rest of the family went for it) - and and other vegtable from the garden on her magnificent bread.
memories.......pressed between the pages of my.......well you get the idea.

Annette said...

I'll have a salmon and lettuce on whole wheat please! Sounds yummy. And I love a big fat fresh from the summer garden tomato sandwich on any kind of bread, lightly toasted, with mayo and a bit of salt and pepper. Heaven. Thanks for sharing the booklets. Good health guidelines never go out of style. Love T

Debra said...

Hi Heidi! I was out of town again. Just got back, and I'm catching up on your postings. Love them all. Especially Red Skelton. My dad used to watch it too, and I watched it right with him!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Cottage cheese sandwich?! These booklets are very interesting. I love finding things like these. I enjoy seeing what life was like or expected to be like. Twyla

Pearl said...

Wonderful collection of booklettes... I've always found them to be extremely interesting, amusing, and filled with awesome graphics... These were just terrific to look at!