Wednesday, March 4, 2009

An Orange And Pink Post

Just because I'm in a silly mood, this will be an orange and pink post. First up, a pretty fringed vintage scarf:I love this scarf! It belonged to my mother-in-law. Here's a close-up so that you can see the pattern and colors better:
An Orange Colored Sky - you know, like Nat King Cole sang about?
An old ad for Nesbitt's Orange soda:
This is Solanah Hernandez of Vancouver, Wa. How cute is she in her pink and orange outfit? (Found this photo at Shop Vintage Portland,which is one of my new favorite blogs, and Solanah has her own fabulous blog at Vixen Vintage. If you love vintage clothing, you will love her blog!

Petunia- a children's book that was just too cute to pass up at the thrift shop (background may look red, but it's orange!):
And a couple of pages from another book ("Mother Mother I Feel Sick Send For The Doctor Quick Quick Quick" by Remy Charlip and Burton Supree):

I'd never seen this book before; I like it!
A tank (with Tink!) in orange and pink (a gift from my sister):

And a pink and orange lady from a 1969 magazine advertisement:
That's it. Just some pink and some orange -just because I like 'em - together and separately!


yosemite faith said...

of course i love the lady in the ad from 1969!

Annette said...

Remember the pink and orange polka dot/stipe fabric almost like op art, that literally wiggled at the edges when you looked at it from the 60s? Also together with the blue and green stripes and polka dots. Loved that stuff. Love the scarf, the sky, the 60s trippy lady. Great post. Love T

Protector of Vintage said...

Wow! Lots of neat orange and pink items. The "Petunia" book is my favorite. Have a nice day~

yosemite faith said...

ohhh - i forgot to mention that john drinks orange crush to this very day!

Debra said...

Pretty, pretty post! Love, Deb

Lisa @ The Hem Line said...

I love Petunia! I found it in a thrift store some time ago. Can't wait for grandkids!

Anonymous said...

Hi - I am certainly happy to find this. cool job!