Monday, March 16, 2009


With St. Patrick's day coming up tomorrow, I just felt like posting about Bing today. Because I love listening to him sing this song:
This book by Gary Giddins came out in 2001. I had to have it, of course. I have a BUNCH of other books about Bing Crosby, and one of these days I will get them together and do a whole post (or two) about my collection of Bing books!
Because I loved him. Oh - and I could do another entire series of posts about my Bing Crosby sheet music collection, too! We'll see about that.


yosemite faith said...

what a crooner he was! remember his christmas special with david bowie? i do miss all the holiday specials there once were - you know andy williams, bing crosby, one year even cher did one. and the celebirty guests! anyway i digress - bing could also whistle and so could my dad. enjoy wearing 'o the green heidi!

Annette said...

What a cutie he was. Love T

Deanna said...

Wow, too bad there aren't any more Bing's out there. What a voice he had. We always watched Bing, Andy Williams and other crooners during the Christmas holidays.

What a wonderful memory you brought for me!

Deanna :D