Sunday, March 15, 2009

More Aqua/Turquoise Pottery

Today - some more of my pottery in this beautiful blue color. Most of these pieces are in the living room, some on the mantel, others elsewhere. I've had most of them for many years. A lovely hand vase (USA), and feathers tied up with a bow (Joaquin Pottery):
This fabulous pitcher is Gladding McBean:
A matching pair of ewers - they look washed out in the picture, but they're the same color as the pitcher, above:
One of the lovely McCoy swan vases, and the other has no mark:
Pretty painted peacocks - found these at a yard sale, and had to bring them home - their color is also brighter than the photo shows:
Another McCoy vase on the right, the one on the left is from West Coast Pottery:
I do have more of this collection, some dishes that will have to wait for another day. Oh - and I did picture some on top of my red hutch in this post, remember?


yosemite faith said...

the mccoy vases are particulary beautiful. love the color and your collection. i loved your red hutch post and the top shelf!

Annette said...

Love the peacocks. Love T

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Aqua is one of my favorite colors. I think my favorite thing is those peacocks! Twyla

Pearl said...

Wonderful post about your Aqua collection... Loved each piece, but my favorite has to be the Feathers tied with the bow... It makes me think of something Dr. Seuss would've drawn with all of the curlie-Q's! ... I also had to go back to enjoy the Red Hutch post, again, and decided I could not pick a favorite Aqua piece from that photo... and, I really, really like how you used the Yellow shelf unit to display the Aqua... Very Stunning!