Friday, May 14, 2010

Gingham As A Background

You may remember that I am quite fond of gingham; I have written about it before (and will again, I imagine). Today I am sharing some things with gingham in the background or as a backdrop. Like this vintage card, given to my in-laws years ago (most likely in the 1940's):
And this, a more recent card that was sent to my mother-in-law in the 70's:
Hot pink and orange gingham wallpaper in this bedroom from Seventeen magazine, circa 1969. ( I feel compelled to share with you that, while I would never choose that as a wall covering, I DO love the coat rack, the canister sets, the Princess phone, the rug, the Love and owl pillows, the lamps and the things on the wall!)
Pink gingham in the background again on this vintage Betsey Clark wrapping paper. When Lori and I came home from thrift shopping, we discovered our treasures had been wrapped up in this paper. AACCKK! Don't they know crazy shoppers like us would have paid money for the vintage paper they were using to wrap things in!?

A cute card by Marty Links, sent to me by my friend Debbie in the mid 70's. Do you remember her comic strip Emmy Lou? I used to enjoy reading it.
And gingham behind three little recent thrift finds. I showed them in an earlier post, but they deserved a close-up.
You couldn't read the lettering in the first picture. Betty Crocker Gingerbread Mix! Remember my post about that?
Those little cookie cutters were half price, so I got both for a quarter! Cute.


Jennifer D said...

Ah... gingham, I love gingham it is just so sweet. I am currently saving every different type of Gingham I find for a quilt.

You touched on Seventeen magazine too. I read Seventeen every month when I was growing up and recently I decided to buy a current issue just for old times sake, well it is not the same, not at all. I didn't like the layout/style anymore.

Thanks for sharing!

Tina Dawn said...

Gingham makes a great background, but not so much wallpaper, I'm thinking. Love the little cookie cutters. OMG the wrapping paper! Did you iron it out? Love that Betsey Clark, her little kids are so cute. Great post. Love T

yosemite faith said...

i always had a thing for red gingham! nice post.

~~Carol~~ said...

I looove gingham, no matter what color it is! Also love that sunshiney tablesetting you did in your previous post!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Oh, I love gingham, too! I would have loved that bedroom from Seventeen. I think it'd be great today, too! It would fit right in with our vintage style! Twyla

Rosie said...

I LOVE the 70's girls room! They have an Owl pillow and matching canvas picture at Target that I am waiting on for clearance price. It's pink and orange and green and would match that room perfectly.