Monday, May 3, 2010

Then And Now #65 Waxtex

Waxtex waxed paper products - seen here in an advertisement from 1942:

And here, in another advertisement from 1954:

This cute little girl looks like she enjoys using the bags! (1961)
I can't find these any longer at any of the grocery stores we frequent:
I guess that's all right, this box I have had for a while seems to be lasting me a long time:
But, for some reason, it just makes me kind of sad when I go looking for something that has always been around, and it's gone. They probably still make them, they simply aren't available where I shop.
That has been happening to me a LOT lately.
And I don't like it.


yosemite faith said...

besides the obvious uses - here in michigan - we had projects of finding leaves (usually maple) and putting them between two pieces of wax paper and ironing them - with proper supervision of course. heidi - not only do i have the same problem of finding old favorites - michigan's economy (and population shrinking) means finding new modern things is hard too! whole foods doesn't exist in michigan anywhere - so many food shows we watch show items we can never ever find. i can't even find paul newman's lemonade (recipe by joanne woodward thank you very much) anywhere - it is my favorite and since leaving california - it is a memory.

farmlady said...

This is very interesting: The progression of an American product. I knew waxed paper had been around for a long time but didn't know how far back it was made.
Love the advertisments.

Tina Dawn said...

We did the wax paper/leaf thing in Placerville too, with oak leaves. I always enjoyed that.

Lorlore said...

I don't use waxed paper much, but I think we used to put our sandwiches in the bag type ones, of course before the zip lock ones came along.

meghan said...

I love those... I haven't purchased them in a long time, but I would hate to think they are gone. :(