Saturday, May 15, 2010

Some Of My Restaurant China

I have been collecting restaurant china for years. Today, I am just showing you some of the pieces that I was able to gather together fairly easily to photograph. I seem unable to pass up a platter at a thrift store. They are handy! Sturdy, pretty, useful - I could go on and on in my attempt to justify the practicality of these dishes.
But I really don't have to, do I?

These pink and green platters or grill plates, below, are perfect for serving up steak or fish. I have four of the pink and white bread plates, also:
The yellow platter in the next photo is one of my more recent acquisitions. I love the small yellow dinner plates, too. And I rounded up some of my yellow creamers for this photo. You remember my creamers, don't you? I will devote another post to them one of these days:
Black and green creamers on parade here. ( Two of those small creamers on the left are dark green.) See that stack of bowls? I bought those in Jackson, California at Dandelion Days years ago. They are one of my favorite sets. We use them every day. I happen to have a lone butter pat that matches that striped individual creamer I use as a toothpick holder. You might not even want to get me started on the butter pats. I went a little crazy on them, like I did the creamers.

Maybe one of these days I will devote a post to the butter pats, too.
Oh - and I have a collection of restaurant china teapots, too.
I know.


Lorlore said...

I love your Restaurant China!! I try to find it, too. I only have a few pieces.:-}

Tina Dawn said...

Lori just said what I was going to say, I love your restaurant china. I think your butter pats are great and I hope you do a post on them too. Love T

Midcenturymadam said...

I didn't know you collected the creamers too. What about tooth pick holders? You have a beautiful collection. My favorites are the pink and green platters. Love those colors.

yosemite faith said...

i bought a toothpick holder at yosemite once and found that hubby john just loves and uses it constantly. have been interested in them ever since. love your creamers.

farmlady said...

This is just a wonderful thing to collect. Why not collect something that's so useful. I love restaurant china.
Butter pats are great little pieces of china to collect. I can't believe how many different patterns there were. Please do a post on some of yours.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Oh yes! I remember your post on resturant creamers! It spawned my Own collection of resturant creamers! I have resisted the urge to collect a few other resturant pieces. I don't run into them very often, but if I saw a piece in pink or blue then I would Have to buy them, wouldn't I? I would Love to see your butter pat collection! That is something else that I'd love to collect, but haven't really started. Thanks for all the inspiration! Twyla