Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mr. Linkletter - You Will Be Sorely Missed

I'm sad. And I didn't feel like waiting until tomorrow to tell you so.

Art Linkletter died today.
I just loved him - please have a look back at my post from September of 2008, where I wrote about my collection of his books.
Here is the article from inside my vintage TV Guide pictured above (click to enlarge if you like):

He was truly a wonderful man. No, I never had the pleasure of meeting him - but I know it in my heart.


farmlady said...

I heard on the news that he had died. He was 96 and lived a good long life.
I remember watching his TV show and laughing as he talked to the children... "kids say the darnest things", wasn't it?
Thanks for the memories...

Claudia said...

Oh no! I hadn't heard that. I loved Art Linkletter. I loved his Kids Say the Darndest Things television show. He was so funny and understanding with them.

I'm sad, too.


Anthony said...

It is real sad to lose someone like Mr. Linkletter who seemed every bit good and genuinely loving. Like you said, Heidi, we may not have known the man personally, but we feel as if we did because he was just so friendly, likable and practically (((radiated))) happiness!

I went back and read your wonderful original post about Art. It was a touching tribute to the man, especially now. I'm sure it means a lot to him, wherever he may be... :)

Paiva said...

My husband remembers Art Linkletter saying in a 2001 interview that he wanted to die in 2010, "because then the government won't get one dime of my money!" He was referring to the inheritance tax, which reached 0% this year after ten years of reductions--and in 2011 it goes way back up! It's nice to believe that he went when he wanted to go.

Tina Dawn said...

I hadn't heard until now. I am glad it was you who told me. I always wanted to be one of his kids on his show. I was so sad when his daughter died. Now they can be together again. Love T

yosemite faith said...

it was the show that my gram would stop and take her break in the afternoon to. after getting up early early to start the fire in her wood burning cook stove, making breakfast, chores, making lunches, working in the garden-she timed her break for art. would comb out her long hair (in braids wrapped around her head) that was way past her rear, laugh with art and drift into a quick 10-15 min nap after the show was over. then back to work! gram watched very little tv - so that was one of the highest compliments art could receive from her.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Yes, I am sad too. I loved Mr. Linkletter and when I was a child I watched his show everyday. I loved to watch him interview the kids. I also loved his voice. He had one of the nicest most soothing voices to me. Twyla

D said...

I just found your blog. I didn't even know Art Linkletter had died.
I like him too. I even remember his "Houseparty" show, and can still hear that theme music.
I also loved Roy Rogers, because he was such a positive roll model for kids.